Op-097 Courses For Gps With Special Qualities: A Chance For General Practice, A Challenge For The Gp?

Van der Jagt L. (Utrecht)
Aim and purpose: The Dutch College of General Practitioners, together with different Universities, organises courses (two years, one day a week) meant for experienced GP’s who want to extend their capacity in a certain field. These ‘GP’s with special interests’ (so called ‘Gypsies’) possess specific qualities, capabilities and skills on a specific field of general practice, for example diabetes. They play a role as counsellor, teacher/trainer and help managing quality projects, specially in their own geographical regions. In this way they contribute to the development of quality improvement e.g. by transferring actual, innovative and evidence based developments to the practice. At this moment there are ten (finished or ongoing) courses for GP’s with special capabilities. They are united in expert groups, related to the various specific field.
Design and methods: In the presentation the following items will be presented:–Which are the surplus values, possibilities and problems of introducing these new professionals to current primary care? – How can the ‘gypsy’ contribute to quality management of his colleagues, and which are the necessary conditions? – How can the ‘gypsy’ be an all-round GP while offering his special qualities to patient care and to the profession? – Is there a need for introduction of these professionals and courses in the countries of the participants?
Results: The participants have taken notice of the introduction and development of the GP with special capabilities.
Conclusions: The participants have pointed out the amount of surplus value of the ‘gypsy’ for their daily practice and for the development of the profession in their own situation and country.
Courses for GPs with special qualities: a chance for general practice, a challenge for the GP?