OP-112 : Knowledge, attitudes and behaviours about breast self examination and mammography among female primary healthcare workers in Diyarbakır, Turkey

Ozgur Erdem1, Izzettin Toktas2, Kevser Ates Cigdem2, Murat Koc3 1Kayapınar Family Health Centre Number 9, Diyarbakır, Turkey 2Kayapınar Society Health Centre, Diyarbakır, Turkey 3Public Health Manager, Diyarbakır, Turkey
AIM: This study aims to determine the knowledge level of the female primary healthcare workers about breast cancer and to reveal their attitude and behaviours about breast self examination and mammography. METHOD: This cross-sectional study was conducted among female primary healthcare workers who work in family health centre. There were 407 female health professionals as the study population. Potential participants were informed verbal by phone and also nominally by e-mail about the aims of the study and then asked if they would agree to participate. The online questionnaire form was sent to all of the female primary healthcare workers. 91% (n=369) of female primary healthcare workers agreed to participate. The questionnaire consisted of three parts: socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge about breast self examination, and actual practice of breast self examination. SPSS for Windows Version 21.0 Statistical package was used in data analysis. RESULTS: The mean (SD) age of the female primary healthcare workers was 33,1 ± 6,8 (range, 20- 54 years). The other socio-demographic parameters are showed at table 1. There is a low correlation between age and knowledge level of healthcare workers r=0,144 (p=.005). The healthcare workers who practised breast self examination had significantly higher knowledge level (p=.001) than those who had not (table 2). The respondents had high knowledge level of breast self examination; however, the knowledge level of breast cancer and mammography screen was low (table 3). CONCLUSIONS: While the female primary healthcare workers in this study had adequate knowledge of breast self examination, this is not reflected in their attitudes and practices. The knowledge level and attitude of healthcare workers are important factors in the control of breast cancer. Emphasis should be laid on breast self examination in undergraduate and postgraduate courses for primary healthcare workers, as they are mostly involved in patient education. Keywords: Breast self examination, Primary healthcare workers, Knowledge