Op-174 Trading Places: Developing International Standards For Postgraduate Family Medicine Education

Walsh A. (Hamilton), Rainsberry P. (Toronto), Frenette J. (Quebec)
Aim: Physicians are increasingly mobile, increasing the importance of appropriately assessing whether their training has equipped them for immediate practice in their new environment. The College of Family Physicians of Canada is engaged in a project which seeks out other countries’ authorities and jurisdictions interested in reciprocity or equivalence with Canadian certification in Family Medicine. This workshop will discuss process and standards being used, and will seek to further the WONCA Education Working Party\’s work on developing global standards in family medicine education. Organization: There will be discussion of participants’ views of critical aspects of family medicine training using the Postgraduate Medical Education World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Global Standards for Quality Improvement framework. The standards developed in Canada will be reviewed. The process required to develop a fair and ethical system to evaluate the training of family physicians whose training occurred in another country, will be explored.
Objectives: 1) Consider the critical standards for postgraduate family medicine education 2) Compare and contrast these standards with those developed in Canada 3) Discuss development of an ethical, fair and transparent process for assessing postgraduate education 4) Further the discussion of global standards in family medicine education, focusing on postgraduate education Impact: There will be an opportunity to further the development of global standards for postgraduate medical education in family medicine and to examine Canada’s work in developing equivalence/ reciprocity agreements with other countries.
Trading places: developing international standards for postgraduate family medicine education