P-179 How To Prescribe Physical Activity

Rodrigues Pereira M. (Setúbal), Eugénio D. (Setúbal)
Introduction: Regular physical activity benefits life quality, productivity and reduces healthcare costs. But how can the Family Physician establish effectively an Exercise Plan for his Patients?
Aims and Purpose: Incentivize and give the colleagues the tools necessary for prescription of exercise and follow-up of their Patients.
Design and Methods: Search in International Entities, review articles, meta-analysis, guidelines in MEDLINE, EMBASE and EBM sites, published in English and Portuguese in the past 10 years. Keywords: “Physical Activity”, “Guidelines” and “Primary Care”.
Results: When prescribing physical activity you must have in mind intensity, frequency, duration and method. In intensity, we can divide the activity into low, moderate and high intensity, being that during moderate exercise we will verify more intense breathing and a discrete raise in body temperature, which equals a walk about 5–6 Km/h. In duration, for a period between 30 to 50 min., you should dedicate the first 5–10 min. warming-up, 20–30 min. for stimulation and 5–10 min. cooling-down. As to frequency, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 30 min. of Physical Activity of moderate intensity most of days. Therefore, ideally, one should exercise 7 days a week, being acceptable 5 or a minimum of 3 days. For method is presented the “Physical Activity Pyramid”. The “2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans”, released recently by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, are presented in a structured manner, followed by some smart strategies.
Conclusions: Besides setting the example, the Family Physician should have an educational role to his Patients, reinforcing the benefits of Physical Activity and clarifying the correct way to practice. The Family Physician should follow-up closely and actively his Patients’ Exercise, working together with his Community to obtain better conditions and infra-structures.
How to prescribe physical activity