P04.21 Management Of Anxiety Before Surgery: Systematic Literature Review

A. Fabijanskiene;
Primary care centre, Joniskis, Lithuania.
Audrone Fabijanskiene
Primary care centre
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Strong preoperative anxiety may worsen the results of treatment, because the perception of information is more difficult for the anxious patients, it is more difficult for such patient to associate and to co-operate with the staff of the health- care institution before, during and after the operation. The aim of this investigation is through systematic literature review to define the most effective consultative intervention in reducing preoperative anxiety.
Method - the research of publications was made in website PubMed, included articles publicized during 10 years period (2000- 2010), using key- words: operation, counselling, anxiety, surgical intervention.8 articles from 125 selected corresponded with requirements , chosen for systematic review.
Results. Components of preoperative anxiety reducing intervention were determined: procedural- [i]informative, sensual, emotional, educational, informing about potential risk. The effect in reducing preoperative anxiety differed for the interventions applied, but all of them were valued positively by the patients and had additional positive effects: the direct contact with the staff, working in the hospital, helped to create more emotionally friendly atmosphere for the patients, increased knowledge about procedure and the significance of it for personal health, reduced negative sensations during operation and after it, induced active participation recovery processes and further health- care procedures.
Conclusions. Methods used to reduce preoperative anxiety still remain the object of discussion. The main premise to reduce preoperative anxiety is the use of poly (multi)component informative intervention adapted maximally to the needs of concrete patient. Even interventions, that do not reduce preoperative anxiety, have many other positive effects and are appreciated by the patients.
Management of anxiety before surgery: systematic literature review