P05.058 Characteristics Of Smokers, Patients In Family Medicine

M. Podzic, V. Bilic;
Public Institution Medical Centre of the Sarajevo Canton, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Maida Podzic
Public Institution Medical Centre of the Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Email: maida.podzic@gmail.com
Phone: +38733453914
Goal: To investigate smoking habit and some characteristics of family medicine patients who smoke. Subjects and method: 135 patients aged 24-79 (73F, 62M). Research was conducted in two family medicine clinics in Sarajevo city, B&H. Fagerstrom test of nicotine dependence was used as well as purposely-created questionnaire containing following variables: age, sex, educational level, length of smoking experience, daily cigarette consumption, time to first cigarette after waking, type of cigarettes depending on nicotine level, earlier smoking cessations, desire to quit smoking and opinion on health improvement if they quit smoking. Results: Subjects' average age is 53,3y (SD14,35y). Most of them, 83(61,4%) have a High School Diploma. Average smoking experience is 28,7y, average daily cigarette consumption is 21,4. Time to first cigarette after waking: 60 min in only 3 subjects (2,2%). Nicotine level: full flavour cigarettes are smoked by 82 subjects (60,7%), lights by 43(31,8%) and ultra lights by 10 subjects (7,4%). According to Fagerstrom test 42 subjects (31,1%) have low nicotine dependence, 67(49,6%) moderate and 26 subjects (19,2%) have high nicotine dependence. As much as 81 subjects (60%) had previously quit smoking. 89 subjects (65,9%) want to quit, 43(31,8%) don't want to and 3 subjects (2,2%) don't know if they want to quit smoking. 98 subjects (72,5%) think that their health would improve if they quit smoking, 25 (18,5%) don't think it would, 4(2,9%) think it might, while 9(6,6) don't know if it would. Conclusion: Our subjects' average consumption is more than one package of cigarettes a day (21,4) and most of them, 58,5% take their first cigarette 5-30 min after waking. Nevertheless, indications that most of the subjects, 60,7% smoke full flavour cigarettes, that 49,6% have moderate nicotine dependence, that 65,9% want to quit smoking and that 72,5% of subjects think their health would improve if they quit smoking, are used in our work on smoking cessation with patients and have already given initial results.
Characteristics of smokers, patients in family medicine