P09.12 What Do We Know About Music Therapy?

B. T. Sezer1, ™. Sezer2, E. A. AdalÕ1, D. Toprak3;
1Sisli Etfal Trainig and Research Hospital, ?stanbul, Turkey, 2Istanbul Medeniyet Un. Goztepe Trainig and Research Hospital, ?stanbul, Turkey, 3Sisli Etfal Trainig and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
Dilek Toprak
Sisli Etfal Trainig and Research Hospital
Email: btagtekin@yahoo.com
Phone: 000
Aim: Music therapy is a system documented over about one thousand years, of therapeutic, prophylactic and rehabilitative relevance, as we see it today, and has proved its worth in practice. There are many scientific investigations about its benefits of use for autism, psychiatric and oncological diseases. In this study we aimed to investigate the knowledge of people about music therapy, the methods they use to deal with stress; the kind of music they listen; the relationship between music therapy and socio-economic features.
Designs and Methods: This study is conducted in Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital and Istanbul Medeniyet University-Goztepe Training and Research Hospital in December 2011. One hundred two volunteers, in different socio-economic and education status, working in these hospitals were included the study. The data (socio-economic, sociocultural status, knowledge about music therapy and sub-questions) were collected with a questionnaire. SPSS for Windows 16.0 was used for statistical analysis.
Results: In 102 volunteers (68 females, 34 males) 60 people (58.8% ) were university graduate. Sixty three (61.8%) people spend their time with friends for managing stress. In our study 74 (72.5%) volunteers have heard about music therapy and 95 (93.1%) of them think that it can be used in medical treatment like autism, oncological and psychiatric diseases. The most known music kind for music therapy was ?sufi? music (67,6%, n= 69). Education level, socio-economic status and gender were not statistically important factors for the awareness of music therapy and its use for some diseases (p>0.05).
Conclusions: In this study we learned that although people do not know everything about music therapy, they look optimistically and curious to therapeutic effect of this method. We need to practice outcome studies to present the detailed effects of music therapy.
Keywords: Music therapy, questionnaire, knowledge, people.
What do we know about music therapy?