PNL-004 : Does discipline have the power to maintain institutions young?

Patrick Tabouring, Hirsa Farghadani, Siggy Rausch Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Justification Institutions are establishments of education and instruction. However education tries to maintain traditional values. Consequently, institutions are based on persistence, and that’s why they use discipline. On the other hand, each institution has a mission. The community of professionals of the institution dispenses of competences which accord a power of action to them. It is exactly this power of the institution that risks, in case of abuse, to lead to institutional violence. This risks is so much greater than the institution continues to exist and feels itself in danger to get older or to disappear. So, how to preserve the youth of a well justified institution, in order to avoid it to deviate into violence? Content After some basic theoretical notions in order to elucidate our ideas, this last question is asked to the assistance. Several discussion groups will be constituted and after that each group will report his answers. The totality of the answers will be discussed in plenary session, in order to evolve to a common consent. Finally, the common propositions will be confronted to the theoretic model that has been elaborated before by the author. To conclude the workshop, we will try to come to a common attitude.
Keywords: education, instruction, institutions, power, persistence, discipline