Po241 Volunteer Work In Health With Homeless Person

Cláudia Lourenço1 e Tiago Lopes2
1USF Santiago Palmela; 2USF Quinta da Lomba
Introduction: Volunteering is the set of actions of social and community interest, carried out by people in uninterested way, acting to service individuals, families and the community. According to different sources, there are between 1400 to 3000 Homeless Person (HP) in Lisbon. The HP, in addition to the material shortages, also experience great difficulties in accessibility to health care. This paper intends to share experiences of volunteering in health in Lisbon, held by the volunteers of “Vertente Saúde na Rua” (VSNR), a strand of the project “Um sem abrigo, um amigo” from "Associação conversa amiga” (ACA). Objectives: - Publicize the VSNR and its evolution. - Characterize some of the activities performed by VSNR. - Share personal experience of two medical volunteers with HP. Description: ACA is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to reduce the feeling of loneliness and exclusion by human isolation, in people and vulnerable groups. To meet some of the deficiencies in HP’s health care, VSNR was founded in 2008 and its activities have been growing ever since. In 2012 there occur 1547 health situations, 58% more than the previous year, referring to activities as: preventive advising, medical observations, providing therapeutics and referrals to primary or secondary health care institutes. All these unusual experiences brought different and exciting medical challenges, for which we believed the expertise of a family doctor might prove useful.
Conclusion: In VSNR, the work and experience of two Family Medicine interns were applied in a different context, showing that our health care work can be performed in less favourable contexts. For the authors, these experiences have been rewarding and enriching, both personally and professionally.
volunteer work; homeless person