PP-037 : From rashes to resuscitation: Improving child health through parental education in primary care

Reem Hasan, Pauline Ng, Christina Petropoulos, Bernadette Rae, United Kingdom
To improve child health in the community by educating parents on health topics including emergencies and common ailments in children.

Free health education sessions for parents called “From Rashes to Resuscitation”, were run at the James Wigg Practice in London. The sessions were run regularly by: a GP Registrar, a Paediatric Registrar and a trainee Nurse Practitioner. The teaching programme and patient information leaflet were developed in conjunction with a Paediatric Consultant at University College Hospital London, and in line with current resuscitation guidelines. It was made clear that this was NOT a substitute for medical care, but to enable parents to recognise illness and seek help more quickly and appropriately and to manage emergencies with more confidence until further help arrived. Topics covered:
•Basic Life Support including practical session •Recognising warning signs e.g. meningococcal rash •Anaphylaxis
•Common problems e.g. temperature
•How to recognise if your child is unwell
•Swine flu
At the end of the session parents were given a booklet to take home and asked to complete a feedback form.

Parents found the education sessions useful and felt better equipped to recognise if their child was unwell and seek help appropriately. They also said they felt more comfortable managing minor ailments at home.

Running education sessions in primary care is of benefit, as demonstrated by the feedback received from parents following attendance at child health education sessions. Further study is warranted to see if this would be effective in other areas e.g. teenage health education including drugs and alcohol, as this may have significant impact.