PP-087 : Empowering community health workers to meet key MDGs: A family medicine outreach centre experience

Pius Ameh, Musa Dankyau, Nigeria
1. To assess the knowledge and attitude of community health workers towards MDGs 2. To improve the knowledge and application of key MDGs among community health workers

1. Meeting with community health workers to assess needs 2. Outlining of programme in an interactive session 3. Distribution of MDG questionnaire 4. MDG introductory lecture 5. Practical demonstrations in key MDG areas of child welfare, antenatal care and the fight against HIV/AIDS and Malaria 6. Focused group discussions to outline action plans 7. Distribution of programme assessment questionnaire

1.Meetings held with the community health workers and the list of their areas of knowledge and interests collated 2.A 3 week program was drawn up consisting of thrice weekly 1-hour sessions of lectures, practical demonstrations and interactive sessions using simple audiovisual equipment 3. MDG knowledge assessment questionnaire distributed

1. Simple programmes to empower community health workers in carrying out the MDGs can be designed and implemented by family medicine residents 2. The priorities of the community health workers must be taken into consideration as they may differ slightly from expectations