PP-317 : Quality Book: A validated set of performance indicators for family practice in Canada

Cheryl Levitt, Linda Hilts, David Price, Lisa Dolovich, Jan Kasperski, Canada
McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and the Ontario College of Family Physicians have developed, tested, refined, validated and revised a comprehensive set of performance indicators to assess a family practice in Canada that is available in the 2010 edition of the Quality Tool. The Tool is part of an interdisciplinary, voluntary assessment Quality program.

Indicators from New Zealand’s Aiming for Excellence, Australia’s Standards for General Practice; the European Practice Assessment, the UK Quality and Outcomes Framework, and the Canadian Institute of Health Information’s Pan Canadian Indicators were compared with the Quality Tool. The “orphan” indicators were validated through a Delphi process involving primary care and quality experts in Canada.

Five overarching principles are incorporated: voluntary, self-reflection, consumer involvement, interdisciplinary teams, continuous quality improvement (CQI). Eight new categories, 6 based on the Institute of Medicine aims for the 21st century (safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable) and 2 based on the Ontario Health Quality Council’s reporting framework attributes of a high performing health system (appropriate resources, integrated) form the backbone of the Tool. A total of 52 indicators with associated defining criteria and an information section with helpful web-linked tools complete the Tool. One notable example is Category E: Effective Clinical Practice which includes lifestyle and prevention, immunization, surveillance and screening, life cycle clinical management, sexual health, family violence, chronic disease management, palliative care and medication review.

A downloadable version is available at www.qualityinfamilypractice.com and a digitalized form of the book can be purchased online from Titles On Demand http://titlesondemand.ca/