Pp-560 Serum Leptin Levels In Patients With Leukaemia

Oktay San1, Inci Celikkol1, Kenan Saglam1,Oral Nevruz2, Alpaslan Tanoglu3, Bekir Ozturk4
1 Gulhane Military Medicine Academy, Department of Family Medicine
2 Gulhane Military Medicine Academy, Department of Haematology
3 Gulhane Military Medicine Academy, Department of Internal Medicine
4 Gulhane Military Medicine Academy, Department of Oncology
Introduction: In several studies, the likely role of leptin in cancer development and proliferation has been shown. Leptin stimulates the proliferation, differentiation and activation of myeloid, lymphoid and erythroid cells. We aimed to compare the leptin levels between the patients with leukaemia who receive treatment and healthy controls.
Methods: We included 21 leukaemia patients who were followed in our hospital's Haematology Department and 25 healthy controls who had similar characteristics. Age and sex characteristics of healthy and patients group were recorded. We used leptin kit for determining of all participants' leptin levels.
Results: Mean age of patients were 40.52 ±16.17. 10 patients were women (47.6%) and 11 were men (52.4%). Mean leptin level in patient group was 14.59 ±18.55 (minimum 43, maximum 64.20), mean leptin level in healthy group was 11.87±7.27 (minimum 1 .78, maximum 24.83) - In patient group, leptin levels were higher than healthy group, but these differences were not statically significant (p=0.402). Comparing leptin levels for special age intervals, in 21-30 years interval leptin level was the highest level as 24.78±25.85, in 31-40 years interval leptin level was 2.61±0.68. In age groups, there were no statically significant difference. Comparing leptin levels for sex difference, mean leptin levels of women was 15.02 ng/ml and mean leptin levels of men was 14.19 ng/ml. This difference was statically significant (pConclusion: In our investigation, patient group's leptin levels were not statically different from healthy group. This result was incompatible with general literature findings and this outcome may be due to treatment of leukaemia. The effects of leukaemia treatment on leptin levels should be investigated. Recently, new researches has provided plenty data about physiology of leptin but pathological roles of leptin hasn't been found wholly. More new studies are needed for determining leptin effects on several malignities such as leukaemia for discovering new treatment modalities.