Pp-579 Prevention Of Chronic Diseases Through Out Discovering Risk Factors

Biljana Cimbaljevic, Nada Vukadinovic, Radmila Lecic, Sladjana Mihajlovic
Health Centre Krusevac
Chronic diseases has proportion of modem epidemic. There are many causes for developing, and often, they make irretrievable damage. The aim is to prevent chronic diseases.
Aim: Discovery of risk factors for chronic diseases in healthy population, and differences between sexes.
Method: The examination was done in Health Centre Krusevac. We used personal data from preventive cards and tested them statistically (T- test,x2-test).
Results: We examined 157 persons, the average 46.52±12.06 years: 91 (57.96%) female, 66 (42.04%) male. The average BMI was 25.35±5.1 kg/m2, 41.4% persons had normal BMI. 49.67% persons had normal SP, the average SP was 133.15±21.75 mmHg. The DP was normal for 70.07% persons, and DP average was 82.96±10.74 mmHg. The average glucose level was 4.62±0.87 mmol/l, and normal level had 90.44% persons. Desirable cholesterol level had 35.02% persons, and the average was 5.69±1.03 mmol/l. The average triglycerides value was 2.15±1.31 mmol/l, and desirable level had 50.95% persons. 27.39% persons were smokers and 77.08% persons were physically active, but there wasn't difference between sexes and smokers and non-smokers (x2=2.02;p=0.05) and physical active and inactive persons (x2=0.1856;p=0.05). The risk for diabetes was low in 54. 78% persons, and the average risk was 7.12±4.71. The difference between sexes wasn't statistical significant for SP (t=1.18;p=0.05), DP (t=1.83;p=0.05), glucose level (t=1.07;p=0.05), cholesterol value (t=1.17;p=0.05), risk for diabetes (t=1.66; p=0.05). The difference between sexes was statistical significant for triglycerides value (t=2.47;p=0.01), but not highly.
Conclusion: Prevention is main aim in health care, because ,,it's always better to prevent than to cure".