PP-621 : Training of healthcare workers of emergency centres: the importance of supply clinical information to the primary healthcare doctors and how to do it

Catherine M. F. Pinto, Joan Castillejo, Ana Kelly Malaquias, Camila B. Padula, Cláudia M. Desgualdo, Brazil
The object was to illustrate the process of educational intervention designed to emergency doctors and other healthcare workers among the clinical responsibilities and administrative flows to share clinical information to the local primary healthcare centres and the continuity of the patients´ treatment requires. The present survey describes the experience obtained in the medical training process concerning the importance of the suitable filling of the formal instrument of clinical information, in services of medical specialties designated to primary care physicians.

The training process was divided in: theoretical content, job training and definition of information flow and monitoring system of the results. There were structured exposition presentations of the local health resources, the importance of the integration of those services to the patient’s assistance, the role of the doctor in a structured healthcare network and the importance of the co-partnership of information for the coordination of the continuous assistance. The information flow was submitted to the all medical team workers of the involved health centre, in small workshop groups, in the venue of work and with the participation of the local manager. For monitoring of the results of that initiative we develop a whip-round methodology and analysis of data in the units where the attention is carried.

We enable the access of the information’s of the local patients’ assistance among the health workers (doctors)that participates in the healthcare process, to guarantee the knowledge and to the share their clinical responsibility and quality assistance.