PS1.134Factors influencing alcohol consumption in adolescent at Khwao Sinarin district, Surin, Thailand 2016

Nichakan Khunudom(1), M Kiatkawinphong (2), P Subhaluksuksakorn(1), S Churproong(2), R Kongmueang(1)
(1) Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Korat, Thailand
(2) Khwao Sinarin Hospital, Department of Family Medicine, Khwao Sinarin District,Surin, Thailand
Corresponding author: Miss Nichakan Khunudom, Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Family Medicine, Surin, Thailand.
There's a multitude of anti-alcohol campaigns to decrease number of alcohol consumers in Thailand. However, a number of alcohol consumers 15-19 years old has been increasing yearly. Khwao Sinarin has never been studied about factors influencing alcohol consumption in adolescent before. This research aims to study prevalence of adolescent alcohol consumption, analyse factors influencing alcohol consumption and describe the pattern of alcohol use in students.
A cross-sectional descriptive and analytical study was conducted in three schools at Khwao Sinarin district, from January 18th to February 1st, 2016. The study population was 226 students who were selected from a sample of 627 by a stratified random sampling method. Data were collected with a questionnaire covering socio-demographic features, knowledge, attitudes and external factors about alcohol consumption. The data were evaluated with the SPSS version 23.0. The prevalent odds ratios in the binary logistic regression model along and 95% confidence interval were used.
65.9% of the high school students (n=149) consumed alcohol. The main factors that influence alcohol consumption for individuals are those belonging to low income families, those belonging to high income families and those with a positive attitude about alcohol such as drinking make them feel more confident. External factors such as parental influence on child's alcohol use, spending time productively, were found to be protective from alcohol consumption. Among the students, 51.3% had their first drink between 13-15 years old. Peer pressure was the common stated reason they started (34.8%). Friends were also the most common group of people they drank with (48.4%). After drinking, 18.2% drove and 18.7% experienced vehicle accidents or fights.
Family was the most important factor affecting the child's alcohol use. Adolescents raised with negative attitudes and appropriate discipline concerning alcohol use were less likely to drink. However, peers also affect the students' drinking.