Sc28.05 Development And Results Of A General Practice Research-Network In Austria

D. Kleinbichler;
GENERAL PRACTICE, Markersdorf, Austria.
Dietmar Kleinbichler
Phone: 004327495030
In order to collect data from each patient - encounter of the participating practices we developed a computer program, which can be integrated into different types of practice software used. The results of encounter gathered during the consultations were named according to a list of 498 specific concepts. For this list we used mainly the Braun Kasugraphie (a classifying nomenclature for frequent health disorders ) and additionally the ICPC 2 . We divided it into 17 main chapters similar to the ICPC2 and coded each health disorder according to the ICPC2 and the ICD 10 . Each result of encounter, which was identified and managed received one or more procedure codes. Physicians who work in the network can analyse their data at any time using the integrated statistic tool of the program.
We entered the data of all participating physicians into one common database.
Our analysis consists of: illness-frequencies (case distribution), frequencies of encounters according to the results of encounter, frequencies of home visits, reasons for home visits, referral rates and reasons for referral . The data were analysed as one unit and according to different age-groups.
The reason for developing this research network and the used computer program is to create a database which can be used to demonstrate ? what is going on in general practice in Austria ? and to answer specific questions , which arise during everyday general practice work.
Development and results of a general practice research-network in Austria