WONCA 2015 Istanbul

Opening, Closing and Other Session Videos

Opening Panel

Opening Ceremony

22 October - New Ways for Dealing with Medical Conditions

22 October - Development and Challenges of Family Medicine

22 October - Opening Ceremony  23 October - Poverty: A treat and challenge for rural general practice

23 October - 25th Anniversary of Tahud

23 October - The tree bends when it is young - The value of flexibility and adaptability for the development of family medicine

23 October - Tobacco control in Europe: 10 years after the WHO FCTC

23 October - Control of Allergy-Poorly controlled asthma.-Developing information systems to improve allergy care.

23 October - Future of WONCA: Contribution of Young Doctors

23 October - Improvement of Quality and Inequity in Publishing Scientific Papers

23 October - Translational research and complexity of care

23 October - Wonca Networks: Contribution to Family Medicine

23 October - Patient centeredness and community centeredness: How to deal with diversity

23 October - Dealing with Difficult Situations in Primary Care

24 October - Professional Identity Formation in medical education: Implications for teachers

24 October - Workshop on Addressing the Inverse Care Law: Innovative teaching on working in areas of deprivation and with marginalised groups

24 October - Role of Academia, Science, Ethics and Mentor for the Future of Medicine

24 October - Multi-national Symposium by Wonca Europe-EGPRN & Wonca World-WWPR on "Organization of the healthcare system in Europe: What facilitates & What impedes the delivery of effective primary care

24 October - COPD Symposium

24 October - Clinical Management of Elderly people with Diabetes - PCDE Symposium

24 October - WONCA Europe Anniversary Project Presented by EQUIP

24 October - The future organization of family physicians: How do meet the needs of family physicians/general practitioners

24 October - War, Immigrants and Ethnicity: Effects on Primary Care

24 October - Wonca Europe Special Interest Groups: Contribution to Family Medicine

24 October - Projection on specialty training in family medicine

25 October - Is Diabetes the Index Disease? Co- and Multimorbidity in Diabetic Individuals - PCDE Symposium

25 October - What has changed in the role of family physician and general practitioner

25 October - Vaccination of the migrant child - a challenge

25 October – Closing