WS-01 : WORKSHOP : Mental Health Skills Training Workshop

Gabriel Ivbijaro, United Kingdom
Mental Health Skills Training For Primary care. The Wonca Working Party on mental health continues to develop training materials for primary care clinicians worldwide. It has been collaborating with other stakeholder organisations in decreasing the size of the mental health gap (mhGAP). Access to mental health care through primary care is enhanced for those suffering from mental health problems. Reasons for this include reduction in stigma when accessing mental health interventions through primary care, co-morbidity of mental health conditions with physical health conditions can be more easily dealt with and mental health promotion activities can be provided as part of routine consultations.
As primary care continues to be the first port of call for many patients who suffer from mental health problems worldwide this three hour workshop will enable participants to further develop their skills in mental state assessment and symptom recognition using video clips, role play and interactive group discussions(Proposed Time 3 Hours)
Facilitators: Dr. Pedro V. Camacho Segura (Mexico); Dr Consuelo Garcia (Mexico); Dr Lucja Kolkiewicz (UK); Prof Meng-Chih Lee (Taiwan); Prof Christos Lionis (Greece); Dr Juan Mendive (Spain); Dr Henk Parmentier (UK); On Behalf Of Wonca Working Party on Mental Health
Participants will up skilled in Patient assessment in Primary care setting. CPD certificates will be awarded