WS-056 : Reviews - Are there different types?

Mary G Kearney1, Mary M Hanratty2 1Cochrane Collaboration, Cochrane Neuromuscular Disease Group, London, England 2Irish College General Practitioners, Dublin, Ireland
OBJECTIVES: Before changing your practice in the light of a recently published review it is important to decide if the review is valid. i.e. Did the author just use his friends studies in the review? Is it an objective review? Every year, researchers and scientists publish more than three million new articles in scientific journals, It has been estimated you would need to read 20 articles every day just to stay on top of their field. These articles range from background information, expert opinion, case series, case controlled studies, cohort studies, randomised controlled trials, critically appraised topics to systematic reviews. To explore different types of reviews To critical appraise papers which are used in reviews To look at the framework of Cochrane systematic reviews MATERIALS - METHODS Discussion with participants initially about how they keep up to date, what they do when faced with a difficult clinical problem, what journals they read. CASE: Two abstracts from different sources on the same topic will be given to participants. The European Heart Journal article on "Cardiovascular disease in women: a statement from the policy conference of the European Society of Cardiology" and the systematic Cochrane review on "Hormone therapy for preventing cardiovascular disease in post-menopausal women. RESULTS: Participants will be able to assess which review is most helpful to them. Did the review: 1) obtain all studies on the research question, 2) minimize bias, 3) pool the results of small studies in meta-analysis, 4) help resolve contradictory findings among different studies on the same question. CONCLUSION: Obviously this will be decided on the day but I suspect that participants will find systematic reviews differ from narrative reviews as they use a very structured approach, explicitly formulated, reproducible, are constantly updated. DISCUSSION: Will participants will be able to access Cochrane reviews freely.
Keywords: Review, Bias, meta-analysis Meta-analysis Pyramid