Ws-28 Electronic Guidelines For Maternity Care

Heidi Alenius1,Jukkapekka Jousimaa2
1 Finnish Medical Society Duodecim
2 University of Helsinki
Objectives: The gap between research and practice can be bridged with guidelines if they are available at the point of care. In Finland, electronic guidelines (EBM Guidelines) are a popular source of evidence among physicians. In this workshop we present how guidelines are produced and used for better maternity care. The topics covered include:
1. Experience in producing EBM Guidelines on maternity care, what are the success factors and the use of guidelines according to the log files.
2. Evaluation of one maternity care guideline by using a guidelines check-list.
3. Discussion: methods to improve maternity care by guidelines and what should be taken into account in their implementation.
Description: Maternity care involves standard procedures to monitor the health of the foetus and the mother. If problems arise, well-chosen strategies to diagnose and treat them are crucial. EBM maternity care guidelines aim at providing the physician with the evidence-based and practical information at that point of care. We will present the background of EBM Guidelines, how evidence is gathered and summarized for these guidelines and what are the effects on maternity care in Finland.