Ws 35 Social Living Lab, Innovation In Research On Comprehensive Attention

Fernández Rosado FJ, Ouaridi Dadi A, Luque García S, Camacho Campos JA, Torres Prieto M, Blanco Castañeda E
Aim(s) or purpose: We discuss innovative solutions to health inequalities, as 90% of health budget goes to services (88% hospitals, 12% Primary Care in Spain) when one can modify the mortality by 11%. Resolve that the living lab can solve these facts.
Design and method: For 14 years we did: – Un PRECEDE a socio space before of two health districts, after 164 meetings with various administrations, neighbourhood associations, non-governmental organization, trade unions, political parties, media... – A map of health inequalities in a district with multidisciplinary intervention and the degree of satisfaction. – A survey to follow up our adverts concerning health, publicized on television, radio, buses and posters. – Prepared a Decalogue of patient safety. – 45 Health workshops in citizen’s association and health centres, which included low, medium and high income bracket citizens. – Prompts a Citizens Association, a patient advocate in health centres, and biopsychosocial consultations. – We joined Federation of Neighbourhood Associations, the Social Forum ... – We created social living lab.
Results: We can detach from PRECEDE shows: the groups who are not in agreement begin to separate, defending their own interests. – We got the 5 most prevalent nursing diagnoses immobilized with inequality. – A multidisciplinary care increases satisfaction immobilized with inequality. – A television commercial was seen by 53.1% of respondents, 100% by this means. – The workshops at our centres had an average of 9 assistants, in lower-class district 6, in the upper-middle class 20. – The people who need more help don’t want to be treated as a group. They seem to prefer specific aid, which reduce their burdens.
Conclusions: A social living lab can gather all the results obtained in these 14 years, justify and analyse how new information technologies produce a radical change in the care of the citizens.
WS 35
Social living lab, innovation in research on comprehensive attention