Ws39 Salutogenesis And Doctor-Patient-Communication - How We Can Stimulate A Healthy Development Of Our Patients

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The basis of general and family medicine is the orientation towards healthy development of its patients - that means the orientation towards the salutogenic question concerning the genesis of health.
If we only focus on the treatment of the disease, on the adjustment of the arterial pressure, the blood lipids, the weight, the blood sugar, the pain etc., we will inevitably prescribe more and more drugs. That may bring more harm than benefit.
A salutogenic orientation is able to change our doctor-patient-communication and to enable new approaches for the treatment of people suffering from chronic illnesses. A helpful basis for this communication is the model of communicative coherence regulation.
A systemic evolutionary view of human being forms the basis of the salutogenic communication.
In the salutogenic communication SalKom© we focus on the healthy development of our patients, on the attractive goals concerning their health and on the resources. We ask for their desires, ideals and needs as well as their positive experiences and the abilities to shape their life. Another part of this shaping is the ability to deal with one?s symptoms. Already by asking our patients those new questions the relationship will change in the direction of acceptance and shared decision making and shared responsibility. The patient is possibly stimulated to get out of the victim role and to develop more autonomy. By that new communication the psychophysical self-regulation, the acting on one?s own responsibility of the patient is stimulated. In this way they will be empowered to more ability in shaping their life. Because of that the chance to a longer healthy life will increase by up to 30%.
Salutogenesis and doctor-patient-communication - How we can stimulate a healthy development of our patients