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Latest news from WONCA

20 Nov 2019

25th WONCA Europe Conference 2020 in Berlin

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19 Nov 2019

World COPD Day 2019 with IPCRG

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11 Nov 2019

WONCA World Interview with Prof Shlomo Vinker

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08 Nov 2019

European communication campaign to promote appropriate use of medical imaging

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30 Oct 2019

Interview: Davorina Petek, Chairwoman for EGPRN

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30 Oct 2019

89th EGPRN meeting, Vigo 2019

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15 Oct 2019

WONCA Europe Future Plan 2019-2022

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30 Sep 2019

EQuip-VdGM summer school

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25 Sep 2019

Nutrition and health advice factsheets for health professionals

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More news

14 Jul 2019

My congratulations to our colleagues in WONCA Europe for a successful Council and conference in Bratislava.   I warmly welcome the new members...

29 Jun 2019

Although slightly shorter than the previous three days, Day 4 of the 24th WONCA Europe Conference was still packed with activities than ran right up...

28 Jun 2019

Another busy and fruitful day at the 2019 WONCA Europe Conference – here are some of today's highlights. Workshop: Medical and social support for...

27 Jun 2019

There were 67 different sessions running throughout the first full day of the 24th WONCA Europe Conference. Here is a brief snapshot of just a few...

26 Jun 2019

WONCA Europe Council Meeting The WONCA Europe Council met today for its annual meeting prior to the start of the 24th WONCA Conference, which this...

26 Jun 2019

Our WONCA Europe Council 2019 elections were held today, 26 June 2019, in Bratislava.  2019 Results 
  President Elect
Shlomo Vinker...

20 Jun 2019

Global Fruit and Veg Newsletter, June 2019, published by Aprifel The primary care professional – an agent for healthy eating? Health promotion is...

18 Jun 2019

The WONCA Europe Open Meeting will be held at the 2019 WONCA Europe Conference in Bratislava. 
Venue: Slovak National Theatre, Opera Hall,...

14 Jun 2019

Over 20 million older citizens are at risk of protein malnutrition in Europe - the consequences on health are serious and often irreversible. The...

07 Jun 2019

Teaching the teachers of primary healthcare professionals to treat tobacco dependence in four eastern European countries - Romania, Bulgaria, North...